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Questions from Clients. “Our Pool Paint is turning into slime!

Pool Paint is turning into slime

Question: What’s the solution for this pool paint? Chapel king is really bad and clogging filters always. ( other than replastering that’s out, refer to the picture )

Could sanding down the entire pool get rid of this problem?

Arlington Springfield

Answers: Check the calcium. If it’s too low it will do that. I have calcium between 300-500. Or Try raising alk to 220, at least that’s what epoxy paint requires and help me out before and get back in touch with us!

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Pool Cartridge Top Broken, Cause?

Pool Filter Broken?

99% of the time when I see this it’s because the person who installed it had no idea what they were doing. Its because they plumbed your filter backwards, that’s right backwards, so call them up and have them come back and switch the unions around doesn’t take long and replace the parts. This part is less than a year old and look at the damage.

The filters are done for, they got a way to dirty to be cleaned. So this client will need all new filters, and the plumbing flipped around.