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Pool Service Tip: Skimmer Float Valve Assembly

Pool Service Tip

Pool Service Tip

What is that flying saucer ufo looking thing under the skimmer basket in my pool, you might wonder. If it is there at all. Most skimmers are missing it, discarded into the nearby bushes, half-buried and rotting away. But your pool skimmer “should” have one.

That device is called a Skimmer Float Valve Assembly. It serves 3 functions.

  1. When the pool water level is sufficient, the float inside the valve floats and water pass from the surface into the skimmer, allowing the skimmer basket to collect debris. If the water level gets too low, the valve float drops, sealing off the top part of the skimmer, and diverts suction down to the main drain instead. This protects the pump from sucking air and causing damage.
  2. The float valve assembly protects the skimmer suction line from large debris, slipping into the plumbing. Sometimes, the skimmer basket will float up or become dislodged, allowing debris to get past it.
  3. At the bottom of the valve is an adjustable flap that can adjust the suction to, either the skimmer or main drain. This is not used so much for cleaning, as the main drain is very inefficient at collecting debris or doing any real cleaning. This adjustment is more for circulation purposes. Typically, I recommend just leaving the suction fully on the skimmer.

Pool Service Tip

These devices, while serving an important function, are often discarded. Whether by ignorance, laziness, inattentiveness or skipping the extra expense, these items often go forgotten. But now you know, that is what they are and what they do. Check your skimmers. Do you have one? 🙂

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  1. The skimmer flap you mentioned in step three – what’s the optimal position for adequate suction for both the main drain and the skimmer as I get lots of little insects collecting at the bottom of my pool and my main drain fails to remove them seemingly due to inadequate suction which is all going to my skimmer? What’s your recommendation? Have also read where some folks manage suction via the valve settings per the main plumbing lines on the filter side? Thanks much!

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