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Pool Service Tip: chlorine tablet float dispenser

chlorine tablet float dispenser

Pool Service Tip:chlorine tablet float dispenser

When choosing a 3 inch chlorine tablet float dispenser, skip the cool ducks, turtles and sharks wearing sunglasses. Skip the adjustable gimmicks. The gimmick floaters usually have tiny holes that barely dissolve chlorine.

If you have a large pool, 30,000+ gallons, consider the pros and cons of the large size tablet floater, versus 2 standard size floaters. A large size tablet floater can hold 7 tablets, but sinks with 8 tablets, as the amount of Styrofoam that keeps it afloat is the same in a large or standard size. A standard size floater can hold 5 tablets. The cost difference from a standard size floater to a large size is huge.

Always tie off your tablet floater at the side if the pool, when able, to prevent swimmers from jumping on them, and also to prevent the floater from sitting over the top step. The acid in the tablets will dissolve and can severely etch and stain the top step.

Never put 3 inch tablets in the skimmer. Acid is heavier than water, and as the tablets dissolve, the acid sinks low into the plumbing and concentrates. When the pump turns on again, the concentration of acid can cause damage to the equipment over time.

Pool techs, did you know, when buying your standard 3 inch tablet floaters, there is a big difference in price per floater when you buy them by the box fill instead of individually? A box contains 12 floaters. It almost cuts the price per floater in half.

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